Friday, July 18, 2008

"Our children are crying" by; Ms. Beauty Turner

By; Ms. Beauty Turner

“A nation is judge by the laughter of her children
Our children are crying; so what is that saying about our nation?”

Hey little black boy; why are you crying and holding your head down?
“I planted my sister last week in a grave, A SHALLOW, hallow ground!”
Little boy why are you standing in the rain?
Trying hard to hide my grief, my pain!
Where is your mother?
In jail with my older brother!
It’s been bad!
Where is your dad?
I don’t know, he left my mother, mad!
I been standing for hours on my bare feet,
With nothing in my belly,nothing to eat!
Excuse me, but I don’t mean to make you cry
But how did your sister die?
She were shot in the head by a gang member
who was a crank , trying hard to earn his rank.
Listen, just listen to the ticking of the genocide clock.
There’s been so many shooting on our block,
Young people shooting off gun Tech nines and Glocks.
Young boys standing on the corners smoking weed,
Selling crack and rocks.
Drinking rum, like pigeons eating bread crumbs
.Too many of our Children are dying,
That why this Black boy is crying !




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